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About Emma

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Emma Driver is a NYC based dancer, singer, actor and model

Emma started her training in Colorado at the ballet school, Izotov Dance, under the instruction of Melian and Misha Izotov.  She worked up to performing as a soloist in their company, Premiere Ballet, dancing works such as Dracula, (Lucy), Bolero, and Seasons.  In 2014 she moved to NYC to attend Pace University's Commercial dance program. Working with acclaimed choreographers such as Dee Caspery, Scott Jovovich, Rhonda Miller, Lauren Gaul, Sean Mcknight, and many others she gained experience in jazz, musical theatre, hip hop, and tap. During school breaks, she worked at Summer Stock theatre gaining opportunities as dance captain, associate choreographer, and choreographer. When not dancing, Emma enjoys reading, hiking, and always being able to reach the top shelf.

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